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About AGS  

'Would utilise AGS at every availability due to confidentiality and legal associations.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

'The cost is reasonable in comparison to other legal firms and I know upfront roughly what costs will be involved.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

‘I have never been let down when working from AGS advice.’

‘AGS… are often more efficient than their competitors and usually equally responsive.’ ACCC 2012

‘Because AGS primarily provide legal services to the Commonwealth conflicts of interest are far less likely to arise for AGS than for private sector legal firms.’ FaHCSIA 2012

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Areas of law

Why use AGS?

Like you, we are part of government, set up to act in the national interest by providing legal services to the Commonwealth and, in particular, to the First Law Officer.

We are a full-service legal practice with advisings, commercial and dispute resolution expertise in acting for government.

We are the custodians of the Commonwealth's legal corporate memory.

We are the only national legal practice with offices in each capital city.

We have limited conflicts of interests with our clients.

AGS is in the best position to help you to manage and transfer risk.

These advantages and our established relationships give you the best overall value legal services.