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Intellectual property  

'In the area of information access law, AGS has several excellent lawyers with long experience and deep knowledge about the relevant laws.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

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Adrian SnooksCloud guidelines for government Adrian Snooks, Senior Executive Lawyer at AGS. + transcript


‘I have found the lawyers at the AGS to be excellent practitioners who are knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, focussed on the needs and interests of their clients, insightful, easy to work with and flexible in how a client would like to work with the AGS.’ – CLIENT REFERENCE 2012

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Commercial note 31 Implied licence to use third party copyright material (25 June 2009)


Commercial note 28 Discusses the identification and protection of intellectual property for an IP review and policy development process, the allocation of intellectual property ownership and licence rights, common issues in negotiating IP ownership and licensing, and commercialisation of intellectual property. (25 July 2008)


Legal briefing 89 UWA v Gray: Rights to inventions made by employees (15 September 2008)


‘They are overall exceptionally responsive, especially when the task is high profile and time critical.’ FaHCSIA 2012

Gov 2.0 and negotiating ‘the cloud’

Implementing Gov 2.0 case study

Intellectual property

AGS provides advice on all forms of IP created, licensed, funded, managed or used by agencies:

  • Managing IP in procurement and funding projects
  • Trade mark and domain name registration and portfolio management, branding protection strategies, geographical indications
  • Social media, websites, Gov 2.0, internet legal issues, open access licensing, e-commerce
  • App development, distribution, licensing and promotion
  • Cloud computing agreements and guidelines
  • Crown copyright ownership and use, IP licensing and commercialisation, research and development, science and technology agreements
  • Moral rights, performers’ rights, confidential information
  • IP statutory interpretation and reform issues
  • IP management, development of IP policies and guidelines, IP reviews and audits
  • Media and advertising
  • IP infringement and disputes, trade mark oppositions, domain name dispute resolution processes
  • Precedent documents
  • Training for lawyers and non-lawyers
  Rachel Chua Adrian Snooks Tony Beal
  Rachel Chua
Senior Executive Lawyer
T 02 6253 7086
Adrian Snooks
National Leader Commercial
T 02 6253 7192
Tony Beal
Deputy General Counsel Commercial, Commercial
T 02 6253 7231

  Stuart Hilton Senior Executive Lawyer 03 9242 1431
  Mark Molloy Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7421
  Sacha Moran Senior General Counsel 02 6263 3972
  Michael O'Rourke Counsel 02 6253 7516
  Kenneth Eagle National Manager Commercial 03 9242 1290