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‘AGS advice is practical and concise, which also translates into it being cost effective.’

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Commercial note 33 Securities: ensuring payment of debts to the Commonwealth (9 November 2009)


Legal briefing 96 Personal Property Securities Act (9 August 2012)


Legal briefing 93 Indemnities in Commonwealth contracting (19 August 2011)


Commercial note 27 Termination for convenience (3 June 2008)


Fact sheet 9 Probity and process issues for property and infrastructure projects (updated May 2012)


Fact sheet 6 Managing GST in Commonwealth property transactions: be aware of the risks (updated July 2011)


Fact sheet 5 Negotiating indemnities in leases (updated April 2012)


Fact sheet 4 Financial Management and Accountability Act issues in Commonwealth property transactions (updated May 2012)


Fact sheet 3 Lands Acquisition Act 1989 (updated August 2011)


'They provide an integrated and responsive team that understands our business needs.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

‘On every occasion, [AGS] provided timely, well considered and pragmatic advice that allowed us to progress through that difficult [procurement] stage and ultimately into contract.’ – CLIENT REFERENCE 2012

AGS 'encounters fewer situations that may give rise to actual or potential conflicts of interest than private sector legal services providers. Nevertheless, is capable of both identifying and appropriately managing conflicts of interest.’ – CLIENT REFERENCE 2012

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AGS delivers a full-service property law practice which spans the full range of property-related activities – from leasing, licensing, divestment, acquisition, securities, land-use/planning/control, subdivision/consolidation through to advice and documentation for facilities maintenance, building management and associated property services. We have a particular expertise in developing and managing sophisticated portfolio-management tools for high-volume property transactions designed to manage accountabilities and deliver value through streamlined processes.

We support our clients with through-life property services on issues such as rent reviews, valuation, lease-end obligations, outgoings, indemnities, permitted use, work health and safety, environmental, heritage and planning laws, options and assignments, disclosure statements, breach-of-occupancy arrangements, default and termination, eviction and re-entry, damage and destruction, and dispute resolution.

Our expertise is unrivalled in Lands Acquisition Act and PGPA Act considerations, constitutional considerations (such as the application of local laws to property transactions) and other Commonwealth legal and policy requirements. We drafted the Commonwealth National Lease on behalf of the Department of Finance and Deregulation and the Green Lease Schedules on behalf of the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Our service is fully integrated and we seamlessly factor into our services considerations such as the legal and policy framework underpinning Commonwealth property transactions. We have wide experience in the commercial and retail property market including extensive dealings with key industry participants (including major institutional and corporate landowners, developers, builders and industry bodies). Our service is proactive, relevant and realistic – and designed to deliver operational results and genuine value for money.

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