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Statutory interpretation  

‘AGS has a thorough knowledge of the relevant legislation and can place that legislative information into plain English.’

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Legal briefing 95 Parliamentary privilege (26 June 2012)


'I am looking for expert ability in statutory interpretation and constitutionality. AGS is the only organisation that can really provide that.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

Statutory interpretation

AGS has incomparable expertise in all aspects of the development and interpretation of Commonwealth legislation, and in the legislative process.

We have been a specialist legal adviser to the Commonwealth since Federation, and are uniquely equipped to handle difficult questions of statutory interpretation.

We have lawyers trained in the laws of all State and Territory jurisdictions, with practical experience in their operation and application to the Commonwealth.

Our Office of General Counsel (OGC), comprising more than 65 lawyers, is a recognised leader in the field of statutory interpretation. More than 20 OGC lawyers are outposted to Commonwealth agencies at any one time. These lawyers specialise in statutory interpretation, constitutional law and general advice, and apply their skills to advising on decision-making and policy development.

The large number of OGC lawyers working directly with clients in outpost roles gives us first-hand understanding of the practical environment within which issues of interpretation arise.

Our expertise in constitutional and public international law uniquely places us to advise on the constitutional basis of legislation, and the practical implications of the international treaties underpinning some legislation.

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Chief General Counsel
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Deputy General Counsel
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