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Legislative drafting  

'I am looking for expert ability in statutory interpretation and constitutionality. AGS is the only organisation that can really provide that.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

‘AGS has a thorough knowledge of the relevant legislation and can place that legislative information into plain English.’

Legislative development

Legislative drafting

AGS has a strong drafting practice with a proven track record in complex drafting projects, most recently completing the proposed Murray–Darling Basin Plan under the Water Act 2007.

Our team has a demonstrated capacity to absorb complex subject matters, understand complex policy problems and solutions and reflect them in simple drafting. We always pay close attention to the terms on which the power to make the delegated legislation has been granted. We consider our instructor clients as partners, preferring an iterative approach to arrive at a final product that meets their expectations.

Our further experience includes drafting the Australian Public Service Commissioner's directions, export control orders, food standards and rules for the national electricity market. Each of these projects brought their own challenges and complexities which, in consultation with our clients, we solved with elegant solutions.

  Leo Hardiman James Graham Sonali Rajanayagam
  Leo Hardiman
Deputy General Counsel
T 02 6253 7074
James Graham
Consultant Drafter
T 02 6253 7295
Sonali Rajanayagam
Senior General Counsel
T 02 6253 7353

  Marlowe Thompson Counsel 02 6274 6201
  Bianca Wellington Counsel 02 6253 7429
  Michael O'Rourke Counsel 02 6253 7516