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AGS Dispute Resolution  

'They have provided useful and high quality advice and representation ‐ their expertise is extremely high.' CLIENT SURVEY 2011

There are no gaps in the service. If one person is unavailable, there is someone else who can step in.

‘We have found working with AGS a very friendly, helpful and professional experience even during times of intense pressure.’ – CLIENT REFERENCE 2012

‘AGS are an integral part … and routinely provide advice on investigations and the conduct of … prosecutions. AGS [harnesses] its national reach to ensure consistency and quality of approach in the conduct of these...’ – CLIENT REFERENCE 2012

'AGS kept in mind the outcome we were trying to achieve and even when providing legal advice to the effect that we couldn't go about doing things the way we wanted, provided comprehensive alternatives that achieved the same or a similar outcome.' CLIENT SURVEY 2012

AGS Dispute Resolution

AGS is the government specialist in resolving and managing disputes – through alternative dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration and conciliation) and litigation. We act in all types of matters – from small claims and disputes, to the largest and most sensitive litigation matters in which the Commonwealth is involved.

A substantial practice with more than 170 lawyers, AGS Dispute Resolution lawyers are experienced in all Australian courts and tribunals including the High Court, the Federal Court, Supreme Courts of all Australian States and Territories and the Federal Circuit Court. We provide a comprehensive range of dispute resolution services including strategic review and legal analysis, assessment of dispute resolution options, gathering and analysing facts and evidence including working with medical and expert witnesses, preparing court documents and case management plans, addressing interlocutory matters, court appearances, selection, briefing and management of counsel, and representing clients in settlement conferences and mediations.


Professional leaders

  Tom Howe QC Simon Daley Paul Vermeesch
  Tom Howe PSM QC
Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7415
Simon Daley PSM
Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution
T 02 9581 7490
Paul Vermeesch
Deputy Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7428

  Kim Bennett Catherine Leslie Andras Markus
  Kim Bennett
Special Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7404
Catherine Leslie
Special Counsel Tax Litigation
T 02 9581 7481
Andras Markus
Special Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 9581 7472
  Glenn Owbridge Dale Watson  
  Glenn Owbridge PSM
Special Counsel Competition and consumer law
T 07 3360 5654
Dale Watson
Special Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 9581 7660
Tim Begbie
Senior General Counsel
T 02 6253 7521
    Peter Macliver Damien O’Donovan
  Andrew Berger
Senior General Counsel
T 02 6253 7405
Peter Macliver
Senior General Counsel
T 08 9268 1100
Damien O'Donovan
Senior General Counsel
T 02 6253 7116
  Richard Harding Zita Rowling  
  Richard Harding
Special Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 9581 7671
Zita Rowling
Special Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7426


National Leader and Managers

  Matthew Blunn Jenny Anderson Nerida Nelson
  Matthew Blunn
National Leader
T 02 6253 7424
Jenny Anderson
National Manager
T 02 6253 7401
Nerida Nelson
National Manager
T 08 8205 4230
  Justine Knowles    
  Justine Knowles
National Manager
T 02 6253 7430


Team leaders

  Katrina Close Justin Hyland Justin Davidson
  Katrina Close
Civil regulation
T 07 3360 5784
Justin Hyland
General administrative law
T 02 6253 7417
Justin Davidson
Law enforcement
T 02 6253 7240
  Craig Rawson Ross McClure Emily Nance
  Craig Rawson
Employment and compensation
T 03 9242 1248
Ross McClure
Tax southern region
T 03 9242 1395
Emily Nance
General administrative law
T 03 9242 1316
  Chris Behrens Matt Walsh Louise Rafferty
  Chris Behrens
Civil claims
T 02 6253 7543
Matt Walsh
Tax northern region
T 02 9581 7517
Louise Rafferty
Civil claims
T 02 6253 7005
  Fiona Dempsey    
  Fiona Dempsey
Employment and compensation
T 07 3360 5737